Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mixing It Up!

I saw this stamp on another blog and had to have it. She is cute, cute, cute! This card is for my older sister's birthday. Actually, she is my only sister but I like to throw the older part in as often as I can! Payback for all the times growing up she told me I was too young.
Before I tell you where the stamp came from, I must warn you. The site has a ton of cute stuff that you will have to have immediately. Everything on there is adorable and I do have to say quite a bit of it is now home in my stamp room! Now that you have been sufficiently cautioned, the stamp is from Lily of the Valley. The patterned paper is from a DCWV paper pad!
Happy Birthday big sis'

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Anonymous said...

LOL.....This is SO cute!!!!! Love the card!!!!