Friday, September 10, 2010

All about me

For a while now I have been really struggling with my blog and if finally dawned on me today the problem is the blog isn't all about me, it is about one part of my life...crafts. As much as I enjoy scrapbooking, rubber stamping and card making there are a few things I enjoy just as much (or more...i.e. family) and keep me just as busy. Lots of crafters have blogs that show off a new card or project or product every day or so... I tried that but it just doesn't work for me.
Starting today my blog is going to change, I am sure some will love it and others may not but I am focusing on "my blog" and want it to more truly reflect who I am.
I am not a real cutesy person, I am an honest, upfront, tell the truth even if it hurts sometimes type of person. I love to watch tv, try to top hubby's top score on solitaire (on my I-pod none the less), bake and read.
So no more apologies for my inconsistent postings; keep an eye out for more recipes, opinions, pics and general ramblings...things important to me!

some things about me you didn't know before
-love diet coke, hate pepsi
-would give up dinner for dessert
- think we all need to work fewer hours and spend more time with family
- think everyone should take a nap (young or old) can you imagine how happy we would all be if we took naps??? If a two hour nap can adjust the attitude of a 2 year old imagine what it would do for a 40 something, stressed out, overworked, underpaid adult
- love the color pink
- wish we could pick our neighbors
- watch way too much tv
- love to snuggle with my hubby after a long day
- wish I were the type of mom that encouraged her kids to jump in the puddles after the rain
- want to go to Hawaii
- can't believe that my kids turned out so great

Well there you have it, me, not all of me but much more than you have seen lately. Hope you will enjoy the changes, leave a comment and let me know.
Have a great weekend!

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JustYolie said...

Girl! You write and share whatever you want on your blog! I'm with you about getting to choose your neighbors! ROFLOL