Thursday, February 2, 2012

Imaginisce i-magicut ribbon cutter and sealer review

When I saw the video of this handy little gadget on YouTube I knew I had to have it.  Thanks to my friend Kim at Cutter's Creek I had mine in my hot, little hands this week. {I never claimed to be a patient person!}
I love to use ribbons on my projects and I have quite a collection. {I will show my ribbon collection and how I store all of it another day!} This is what it looks like right out of the package. It kind of looks like a small stapler. Throw four AA batteries in it and you are ready to go.
This is a shot of the inside of the little gadget, the purple marks are there so you can line up diagonal cuts.
It will cut any type of ribbon except cotton. These are a few of the ribbons I cut to try it out. The great thing is not only does it cut your ribbon, it seals the end as well. No more fraying or loose threads! Yeah!

I love the chevron cuts that are so popular right now and Imaginisce has made it so simple. Yep, just like I show in the picture you simply fold the ribbon in half and then line it up on the diagonal grid. It doesn't get much easier than that folks.
It only took about ten seconds to cut this red and white striped ribbon. The sheer ribbon in the earlier pics only took three or four seconds. I am very happy with this product, love the simplicity and ease of use. I am not sure how long the batteries will last, but out of the box I have to give this one an A for sure.
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