Wednesday, September 7, 2011


You probably read the title of this post and thought what the heck is bibliotheca and what does it have to do with crafting. Long story short, bibliotheca is the Latin word for library. In my post yesterday I explained that we spent some time this summer updating my teenage daughter's playroom into a library. My daughter loves to write, poems, short stories, fan fiction, you name it she can write it. Most days you can find her at her desk in the library with her headphones on, plucking away at the keyboard. If she isn't writing, she is reading and critiquing others' work.
She took Latin in high school last year--good idea for a writer--and guess what the Latin word for library is? Wait for it--yep, bibliotheca! See, now it is all starting to make sense!
Anyways, I used some vinyl Thickers letters for the word and then colored Betty the Bookworm from Stamping Bella with copics and spica glitter pens. I used some purple chalk around the edge of the image to make it pop a bit and then I added some sparkle with a Doodlebug Design sticker, punched two holes and used wire for a hanger.
I think she will love it.
Thanks for looking!

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