Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Room Decor

My youngest daughter has been asking her Dad and I to do an update to her playroom. She is in high school now and hasn't set foot in the playroom for ages. After a couple of trips to IKEA and a few late nights putting things together she finally has the library of her dreams.
One of the things she bought at IKEA were four black frames. I decided to decorate a few of the frames for her to make the space a little more personal.
I started with one of my favorite bears from The Cat's Pajamas Rubber Stamps, PJ! He is so darn cute and I love the big sunflower he is holding. I kept the colors green and purple to go with the colors in the library. I added some seam binding along the bottom and finished it with the sentiment included in the stamp set.
Thanks for looking!

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